About Us

Dear colleaguers!

I am very pleased to welcome you on behalf of GEOTEXTILE Co. Ltd. Our company produces a broad range of non-woven fabric.We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality products which have found widespread applications in the implementation of key projects in the country and abroad.GEOTEXTILE Co. Ltd. manufactures its products on a modern production line which was mounted in 2013. Specialists of the company are eager to customize our products according to your needs and establish production batches.Our process group takes relentless efforts to introduce the latest technical developments into the production process. The availability of the modern technological equipment allows controlling the characteristics of our products, guaranteeing conformance with technical standards.Since our goal is to provide highest customer satisfaction, our experts will always take into account your wishes and do everything possible for the development of a mutually advantageous cooperation. We also highly appreciate established relationships with our suppliers and customers.

       Sincerely yours,
Director of GEOTEXTILE Co. Ltd.